Exhibition stand

Exhibition stand was our first test in lightweight gauge steel structures. SEEBBE construction fair 2017 was under way, and we had very little time to improvise and apply what we’ve learned on the subject of modular systems. We made initial sketch, which changed over the course of several meetings with structural engineers, architects, site supervisors. Time was short, so we all came up with design that was to show our capabilities in our two main focuses at the time: modular systems production plant and stone processing plant.

Time was short, we premade entire structure within our facilities and dismantled it before shipping. Images below show entire process, from profile making, production plant assembly, disassembly, and reassembly. Finished product is praised and we were proud to be host to various guests during following two years. Exhibition stand changed over the course of its existence, since we move design focuses for every construction fair, depending of the theme and global market situation.