IT center

4.500 sqm IT center project started as a open business renting space, yet during design stage it changed and adapted to house two large IT companies residing in Novi Sad. Project increased in size, and first initial idea to demolish site and build from ground up evolved into adapting to the existing concrete building and metal hall. End result is that on this project we were to make prefabricated façade panels that were to be installed on site. Connection of frames was done with “L” shaped steel profiles, anchored into concrete / metal structure where applicable. Once all panels were in place, one more story is erected with same structural system, integrating hot rolled steel and concrete with LGS, providing light and flexible solution to everchanging design.

Typical workshop drawing is shown below. It contains all information needed for production and assembly of lightweight gauge steel profiles into frames. Frames can be delivered to the construction site in any shape or form, be it assembled or ready made for assembly on site. Please note chamfered corner edges that are made for panel connection to the existing prefabricated concrete elements found on site. Light weight gauge steel technology enabled us to cover all openings and fully enclose the structure.

In the end, precise control of structure, loadbearing calculations, cost control, enabled us to find optimum solution and overcome dynamic design that changed over the course of the project.