Ines atelier

Ines Janković approached us with specific requirements for her atelier, and production plant. When we were discussing what is the optimal structural system, idea of larger than usual span came out, since existing sewing machines required specific operating space.

Interior finishing has specific architectural elements such as brick layout, clean white surface area, with black contrasting interior FF&E and details.

150 mm thick “C” shaped profile was already filled with thermal insulation, so no thermal panels were needed, and as for outer skin of the building we opted for Alucobond panel cladding. Waterproof membrane was installed on site forming the water tight roof. Windows and various other glazing is double glazed, with gas infill for better comfort during working times.

Lightweight gauge steel (or LGS for short) was combined with hot rolled steel. Hot-rolled steel is anchored onto concrete foundation, forming primary loadbearing structure. Façade wall panels were done in 150 mm x 45 mm x 10 mm ..1.2 “C” shaped profiled prefabricated frames. Floor joists were an experiment for us at the time, so instead of LGS truss we tried to cover the 7 meter span with double 150 mm “C” shaped profile, connected back to back, forming 150 mm “I” profile.